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Mission Indy’s Vision:

We love the Church and clearly believe that God has gifted each local congregation with all they need to be the faithful followers of Christ in that particular place. Therefore, Mission Indy seeks: cooperation among church groups, promoting conversation and discernment about what God is doing in the Indianapolis urban area, so that local churches will be encouraged, challenged, trained and motivated to be fully engaged communities of faith who join God in the work of the Kingdom and bear witness to His love and wisdom by their shared life together.

2014 Scholarship Recipients


2007 Missions Trip-Barranquilla, Colombia

A big thanks, muchas gracias, to all who prayed for our team that traveled to Barranquilla Colombia a few weeks back. God did amazing work there in our team and through us in just a short week’s time. Gloria a el Dios! The biggest blessing was the offering. We raised $4400 to give to the mission, which all came in right up to the date of the trip. We had no idea if we’d even have an offering to take with us a week prior to the trip. When we arrived, our Pastor asked Milton (the visionary missionary who started Mahanaim mission making a place of beauty and light in the midst of poverty and swamp land) if he could do one project at the mission, what would that be. Milton said, I’m afraid to say due to the cost of the project. our pastor insisted and Milton replied, we’d build a shelter over our open cement floor in the center of the mission….our pastor asked the cost….Milton hesitated and then responded, it would cost $4400. GRACIAS AL SENOR! Now try to tell me that God won’t provide!~ We saw some amazing people come into the family of God and we saw God heal, we witnessed the joy of the Lord restored to many…..the praises just go on and on! We were blessed to be a part of the lives of the people in del barrio de las Flores and to serve with the teachers and staff at Mahanaim, to love and be loved by many children, all who were very needy and desperate for attention and affection. my life will never be the same and i look forward to our return to colombia!